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Rear Bumper & Mount (E-Savage)

Rear Bumper & Mount (E-Savage)

Part# RPM82183

Product Description

This is a optional RPM Rear Bumper & Mount, and is intended for use with the HPI E-Savage. RPM Bumper & Bumper Mounts for the HPI E-Savage have been designed to solve several key problems for E-Savage owners. RPM has designed these bumper mounts with an incredibly strong trapezoidal shape that keeps weight to a bare minimum while adding loads of front-end impact protection.
The stock E-Savage lacks a real front and rear bumper. RPM solves this issue with a pair of bosses built into the bumper mounts that accommodate a real bumper. The RPM HPI E-Savage bumper mounts come prepackaged with a real bumper that has been battle tested and race-proven! The bumpers supplied with these kits are the hugely popular Traxxas Revo Bumpers. That means replacement RPM bumpers are already widely available if the ones supplied with these kits get worn out or if you want something different than the chrome version supplied. Additionally, RPM Revo bumpers simply look awesome on the E-Savage!

The placement of the stock on/off switch can also be an issue. The stock switch is located right on the rear bumper mount – a major impact area! This location can cause the switch to accidentally get turned off or at worse, become damaged or unusable. RPM solved this problem by supplying a new switch plate that relocates the on/off switch to a less vulnerable area of the chassis that is protected by this bumper and bumper mount.

RPM Bumper Mounts include RPM Chrome Revo Bumpers (either a front or a rear), a molded nylon black bumper mount, a switch relocating plate, additional mounting hardware and detailed instructions.