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Traxxas Maxx Front Bulkhead Set (Black)

Traxxas Maxx Front Bulkhead Set (Black)

Part# RPM81062

Product Description

This is an optional black RPM Traxxas Maxx Front Bulkhead Set. Until now, the Traxxas T-Maxx and E-Maxx line of trucks has been missing a key link in the chain of RPM durability – the bulkheads. Using some creative engineering, RPM has found a way to solve common bulkhead breakage issues. Starting with the RPM trademark blend of incredibly strong nylons, RPM redesigned key areas to improve impact resistance. But the most significant change comes in the form of lock nuts.

After extensive testing and review of damaged stock bulkheads, RPM found that the most common reason the stock bulkheads break is becuase the mounting screws come loose and back out. RPM's solution was to incorporate a series of lock nuts at the chassis and skid plate mounting holes to securely lock the bulkheads in place. Once the bulkhead is secure, RPM's materials and design changes come together to provide the strongest, lightest and most durable set of aftermarket bulkheads currently available! RPM front bulkheads are so light, that they weigh less than the stock parts they replace. Combine these with a set of rear bulkheads for the ultimate in strength and durability.

NOTE: RPM T-Maxx & E-Maxx bulkheads are stock replacement parts and fit all versions of these trucks, from the original T-Maxx 1.5 to the most modern versions of the 3.3 T-Maxx and Brushless edition E-Maxx.