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Part# EGMBM019

Batmobile - Detective Comics #371 Diecast Models

Product Description

First appearing in Detective Comics in May of 1939, Batman has become one of the most iconic superheroes in American history. The legendary franchise has spawned numerous comics, multiple live-action and animated television series, and seven Hollywood films. With an entire universe of heroic allies, relentless villains, and colorful backdrops, the most lasting impression left on fans is, perhaps, the wide assortment of incredibly unique vehicles. From the Batmobile and its numerous iterations to the Batcycle and Batboat, the Caped Crusader has offered fans an exciting sampling of diverse and memorable rides.
Now you can take home your own Batman-inspired vehicle with this die cast model-celebrating his 75th birthday-of a Batmobile first seen in Detective Comics #371 in January of 1968, featuring a finely cast body, a double glazed windshield, rear tail fins, a center-mounted red siren, and real rubber tires. This replica also includes a display base with a clear protective cover and a 3-D lenticular background depicting an era-appropriate scene, in addition to an informational magazine on your vehicle of choice. Measures approximately 5½" long.