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Alpha III Launch Set (E2X)

Alpha III Launch Set (E2X)

Part# EST1427

1256 Alpha III Kit E2X Easy-to-Assemble

Product Description

A perfect beginner's rocket


  • Almost ready to fly
  • Brightly molded one-piece orange plastic fin unit and nose cone.
  • Black cardboard body tube
  • Capability of flying over 1100 feet (335 meters), depending on the engine you select
  • 12" parachute recovery
  • Fly again and again
  • Bright self-adhesive decorative decals
  • Detailed illustrated assembly and launch instructions
  • Supplies needed for Assembly
  • White or yellow glue
  • Finishing supplies
  • Igniters (ESTT2301)
  • Recovery wadding (ESTT2274)
  • Launch controller (ESTT2220
  • Porta-Pad II launch pad (ESTT2215)
  • Engines: A8-3 (ESTT1598) - first flight, B4-4 (ESTT1602), B6-4 (ESTT1606), B6-6 (ESTT1607), C6-5 (ESTT1614), C6-7 (ESTT1615)
  • 4 AA batteries (ASCP0302) - for launch controller