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Part# ATL80

This 47 Piece Over N' Under Pier Set was Designed by Atlas Model Railroad To Take Your HO Scale Track Layout to New Levels.

Product Description

FEATURES: Light gray plastic construction with stone masonry details.
46 piers and a pier girder.
Piers are graduated in height from 1/4" to 3" by 1/4" increments,
with 1/8" snap-in shims provided for intermediate piers.
Approximate grades up and down in figure-8 arrangement using 18"
radius curves is 2.6%.
Recommended for use with Atlas HO Code 100 and Code 83 Snap-Track.
Gradually raise track over other track or roads on your HO scale

INCLUDES: 47 Piece Over N' Under Pier Set

SPECS: Scale: HO 1:87